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Content Beyond Syllabus

  • The Institution arranges for guest lectures on recent developments in the field of computer science and Engineering.
  • Technical Quizzes and competitions are held regularly to enrich their academic competitiveness.
  • Students are encouraged to do in house projects under the guidance of faculty.
  • Regular industrial visits are organized for the students to get acquainted with the work place environment.
  • Teaching materials of subjects are kept in the library for benefiting students for studying beyond college hours.
  • Special classes for students who are below average are arranged after the class hours.
  • Audio visual equipments are used extensively so as to aid visual retention.

In addition to the above mentioned activities, the following activities are also arranged:

Student Seminars :

Seminars, which involve learning groups, provide an opportunity for active discussions on relevant topics. They help develop transferable skills such as communication and teamwork, and offer a platform to participate fully in the learning process.

Communication Skills / Personality Development / Placement Training :

The Institute will be developing a Communication and Soft Skills course for students. Intensive training will be imparted in the areas of group discussions, interview techniques, verbal ability, presentations, quantitative techniques etc.

Technical Fests :

DMIETR is the destination for students of all engineering colleges when it organizes BLITZKRIEG - an annual technical fest. Students explore their organizing skills and exhibit their talent by participating in technical events like Robotics, Paper Presentation, Poster Presentation, Lan Gaming, etc.,

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