Q. 1 I have passed XIIth standard exam from outside Maharashtra / CBSE Board. Will I require migration, nationality and eligibility certificates?
Ans. Yes
Q. 2 Which original documents are required for submission to the college at the time of reporting to admission of First Year B.E.?
Ans. The following original documents are required for submission at the time of reporting to admission to First Year B.E.
  • Entrance Examination Marksheet SEEE/AIEEE
  • 10+2 XII Std. Marksheet (HSSC)
  • 10th Std. Marksheet (SSC)
  • S.S.C. Passing Board Certificate
  • HSSC Passing Board Certificate
  • School/College Leaving Certificate
  • Nationality Certificate
  • Gap Certificate (if Gap after XII Std.)
  • Migration Certificate (required for other than Maharashtra State Secondary Board)
  • Eligibility Certificate (other than Maharashtra State Secondary Board)
  • For BC category students-
    a. Caste Certificate - SC & ST Category
    b. Caste Validity Certificate - SC & ST Category
    c. Caste Certificate }
    d. Caste Validity Certificate} NT1, NT2, NT3, SBC
    e. Non Creamy Layer Certificate} OBC Category, NT1, NT2, NT3, VJ, SBC
  • Passport Size Photographs – 5 Nos.
Q. 3 Where do I have to apply for eligibility certificate?
Ans. In RTM Nagpur University, LIT Campus, Amravati Road, Nagpur. (Enrolment & Enquiry Section)
Q. 4 I have passed XIIth from Maharashtra Board. Will I require nationality certificate?
Ans. Yes, if the transfer certificate from the school last attended does not contain nationality statement. Eligibility and migration certificates are not required.
Q. 5 When will I get my original certificates back?
Ans. Normally after one academic year. Original certificates are returned after verification by University & other competent authorities which confirm eligibility.
Q. 6 How many passing heads do I have to clear so as to be eligible to take admission in Third Semester?
Ans. Eligibility criteria are as per ATKT rules of RTM Nagpur University. Accordingly for II Year (III Sem) maximum uncleared 4 passing heads are permitted. Out of total 15 heads of passing (theory & practicals taken together should clear minimum 11 heads.
Q. 7 What are ATKT rules for Vth & VIIth semesters for admission?
Ans. For III Year (V Sem) Ist Year should be passed & IIIrd & IV Sem. taken together should not have more than 4 passing heads uncleared. For Final Year (VII/VIII Sem) I Year and III & IV Semesters passed, V & VI taken together max. 4 passing heads back.
Q. 8 When and from where will I get the railway concession form?
Ans. From college office. It is issued about 15 days prior to winter & summer vacations for visiting native place only (hometown).
Q. 9 Where should I inform the change in my residential address?
Ans. In the college office and to your class teacher through an application along with all details including contact telephone nos, e-mail ID and PIN Code.
Q. 10 Where can I purchase college practical, journal and other stationary?
Ans. Contact Office.
Q. 11 Is it compulsory for every parent to attend parent teacher meet?
Ans. No. However, attendance is highly desirable for effective interaction and better communication.
Q. 12 I wish to change my branch after first year. What is the procedure?
Ans. You need to apply in writing for the branch you are interested in to the Office. Depending upon the number of vacancies, seats are filled on the basis of marks secured in Ist Year B.E.
Q. 13 Where do I have to deposit the original certificates, which were not submitted at the time of my admission?
Ans. In the student’s section of college office.
Q. 14 When do I fill in the university exam form? Who can attest it?
Ans. The College shall display notices regarding this on main notice board at appropriate time. You are advised to read notices regularly and remain alert to notified schedules. Attestation can be taken from any teacher.
Q. 15 Where should I submit my medical certificate, say for consideration of attendance?
Ans. To your class teacher.
Q. 16 Can I ask my subject related difficulties to a teacher who is not teaching my class?
Ans. Definitely, yes.
Q. 17 Are Internet facilities at CCC available to students?
Ans. Yes, but only when you have free period or in recess hours or directed so by your teachers.
Q. 18 From where can we get bonafide and other type of certificates?
Ans. Only regular students can get bonafide certificate, vacation certificate, fee estimate certificate etc. on submission of application to Asstt.Registrar (Acad.) in college office.
Q. 19 What are the consequences if I miss my class tests or sessionals?
Ans. You will get zero marks in that particular examination. Your HOD/ Class teacher may consider re-test in genuine cases, if pre informed and applied in writing with supporting documents.
Q. 20 I wish to enroll as member of ISTE. Whom should I contact and what is the membership fee?
Ans. Chapter of ISTE is to be formed very soon. Admission fee is Rs.20/- and Rs.30/- annual fee.
Q. 21 Can I get the Govt. scholarship?
Ans. You are eligible for various scholarships only if your admission has been made through CAP. Students admitted under management quota cannot avail this benefit.
Q. 22 Can I fill all the free ship / scholarship forms?
Ans. No. You can avail of only one kind of concession or scholarship at a time. For this, you have to fill the specified form within the stipulated period mentioned in the notice displayed by the office section.
Q. 23 What type of monetary benefits can I get during the course of study?
Ans. Out of those which are available under Govt of Maharashtra scholarship and fee concession for individual categories.
Q. 24 May I know the types of concessions available?
  • Scholarship- for category students as per notification of Govt. of Maharashtra.
  • Freeship- For category students
  • E.B.C – For open category students

  • Only prescribed application forms must be used and necessary certificates enclosed.
Q. 25 What is the upper limit on Income for availing the above benefit?
Ans. The monetary limit for availing the scholarship and free ship is as under:
Annual Income Amount (Rs)
S. C Below 1,00,000/-
N.T Below 1,00,000/-
S.B.C Below 1,00,000/-
O.B.C Below 1,00,000/-
S.T Below 1,00,000/-
S. C No income limit
N.T Below 3,50,000/-
S.B.C Below 3,50,000/-
O.B.C Below 4,00,000/-
S.T No income limit
Q. 26 Is there any concession available to students belonging to open category?
Ans. Yes. Following concessions are available for open category student:
  • 1. E.B.C- Economically backward class: Under this scheme those whose parents have income between Rs.65,000 to 1,00,000/- can avail this benefit. For this you have to produce income certificate duly certified by the Tehsildar which also shows that the student belongs to economically backward class.
Q. 27 From where can I get the concession form?
Ans. Scholarship form for each category can be collected from Office
Q. 28 Where shall I have to submit these forms ? What documents do have I to attach?
Ans. Every application form is required to be submitted at the scholarship counter in the students section of Administrative Office as per the schedule mentioned in the notice displayed by the office. Following documents must be enclosed with scholarship form:
    • XII T.C
    • X and XII Marksheet
    • Income Certificate
    • Caste Certificate
    • Caste Validity
    • Last year concession award letter, if any
    • Non creamy layer certificate
    • If there is gap in study- then Gap Certificate
    • District Change certificate – If one who has studied at institutes/schools located outside the jurisdiction of M.S.B.H.S.E., Nagpur Division or Nagpur University.
    • Last year’s sanction order no. along with the date
    • College admission reporting letter (CAP round letter)
Q. 29 Application for submitting freeship, which documents do, I have to attach?
Ans. All the documents mentioned above except District Change Certificate will be required to be attached.
Q. 30 For submitting EBC application which documents  are required?  
Ans. The following documents need to be attached
    For EBC
  • X and XII marksheet
  • XII Transfer Certificate
  • Other backward class certificate
  • Income Certificate.
  • College admission reporting letter.
Q. 31 What next after submitting the form?
Ans. After the application forms are scrutinized by concerned authorities Discrepancies are informed to the students for necessary compliance.  If there is no communication to an applicant as above, it is implied that the submitted form is correct in all respects and shall be proceeded further.  In case a student fails to comply with the discrepancies within stipulated time given by office, his/her claim for the said scholarship stands rejected.
Q. 32 When shall I receive the scholarship amount ?
Ans. After receipt of the amount from Social Welfare Authority of the Govt. of Maharashtra the college notifies the students the schedule for disbursement. 
Q. 33 Is there renewal procedure for scholarship and freeship.
Ans. No.  The renewal procedure is applicable to scholarship holders only.  For this it is necessary that the student is promoted to higher class without any break.  DC students are not eligible.  However, on attaining eligibility for regular admission a student can apply again for scholarship that academic year.
Q. 34 Which documents are required for renewal?
Ans. (i) Application Form
(ii) Current years examination result
(iii) Current years income certificate.
Q. 35 Will I get benefit in attendance for the period of my absence on medical ground?
Ans. No. As required under RTM Nagpur University rules 75% attendance is a must.  However, a maximum of 15% relaxation may be granted by the Principal for medical reasons or exceptional circumstances on the basis of recommendation of HOD/First Year Co-ordinator.
Q. 36 When will I get BT card (Borrower’s Ticket) from library?
Ans. Normally within a week from the date of admission.
Q. 37 What have I to do to borrow books from the library?
Ans. You have to first make the library card.
Q. 38 May I know how to obtain my Library Card?
Ans. After display of notice for library membership, you have to apply to Librarian in prescribed application form. Your photograph will be taken in Library as per given schedule to facilitate preparing of the card in house. Your library card will be issued as soon as it gets ready.
Q. 39 Which books do I have to refer for first year?
Ans. All necessary information will be given to you in regular theory classes.  Details of syllabi & prescribed textbooks are also given in the freshers Guide issued to all students admitted to first year.
Q. 40 How many books will be issued to me? What is the procedure and rule for issuance of book?
Ans. In the 1st year you are entitled to borrow three books for 15 days at a time. After that you have to return the books, failing which a fine of Rs.1.00/- per day per book will be charged as a late fee as per the rules of the library.
Q. 41 What other library facilities are available for students?
Ans. Under the Book Bank Scheme three type of facilities may be used.
  • Under T.D.P.: Books are issued free of cost to SC/ST/NT/OBC students.
Q. 42 How can I utilize services of E-resources section and reference section?
Ans. In this section you can get V.O.D./D.V.D./C.D. and online e-journal. You can also get C.D., which are received with the books purchased.  You can also be issued the journals from Reference section for two days on recommendation of your guide/ teacher/ HOD.
Q. 43 How can I get the books issued?
Ans. All the books are arranged subject wise.  We practice open book system.  You can personally select the book and hand over it to issue along with your BT. You should collect the books from outside at the issue counter.  You are not permitted to carry any book into or take one out of library. 
Q. 44 Whether issue time period is extended at the time of examination?
Ans. The issue time period can be extended to 2 months considering the examination.
Q. 45 What is the opening and closing time of library?
Ans. The library remains open from 8.30 A.M. to 5.00 P.M.  The issue counter remains open from 10.00 A.M. to 3.00 P.M.  The hours are suitably extended during exam times.
Q. 46 How can we use the OPAQ system?
Ans. Under the OPAQ system you can search and locate the books according to their name, author, title, subject, keywords. Under this system you would get full information on all books available in the library.
Q. 47 Can we give requisition for extra copies or new books in the library?
Ans. For processing books you have to fill the recommendation form.  On approval of competent authorities the same can be procured. Your needs and requirements be forwarded by subject teacher/HOD with recommendation.
Q. 48 What type of facility can we avail from periodical section of the Library?
Ans. You can borrow bound volumes, question paper sets and syllabus etc from periodical section of the library.