Grant Received

Grant Received

Agency Scheme Department Year Name of the Coordinator Amount Sanctioned (RS. Lacs)
DST New Gen IEDC Mechanical Engineering 2018-19 Prof. S. N. Gandhare 2.5 Lacs
DSTSERB Seminar Grant Civil Engineering 2017-18 Mr. M. T. Ramteke 1.0 Lacs
DST Device Development Programme Computer Science & Engineering 2017-18 Prof. P. V. Bhagat
Prof. K. S. Satpute
20 Lacs
AICTE Travel Grant Mechanical Engineering 2016-17 Dr. D. R. Ikhar 1.5 Lacs
AICTE Seminar Grant Electronics Engineering 2013-14 Prof. D.S. Bhade 1.0 Lacs
AICTE Research Promotion Scheme MBA 2012-13 Dr. Shailesh Kediya 4.3 Lacs