KIRTI'c About

KIRTI'c About

Kalam Innovation & Rural Technology Incubation Cell (KIRTI’c)


About the cell & Vision of Incubation Cell from DMIETR

  • Meghe Group of Institutions always tries to enrich the Institutional development by enhancing their own capabilities through various activities. Setting up an Innovation & Incubation center at institute level will be extremely beneficial for engineering Students.
  • Prestigious Datta Meghe Institute of Engineering, Technology & Research (DMIETR), Sawangi (M) now have a mandate to provide Innovators and not just engineers. The Innovation & Incubation center was established on Oct 10, 2016 in the campus.
  • The creativity enlightens the young minds, which develops an innovation on the strong belief of Technologies” said Dr. Prasanna L Zade, Principal, DMIETR.
  • DMIETR is now Host Institute for Setting Micro, Small &Medium Enterprise (MSME) under the flagship of Govt. Of India, New Delhi.
  • Incubation Cell is also collaborated with BETiC Cell, DMIMS which uplifts the research from the field of Biomedical Engineering.

Vision of the Cell

  1. Development of Innovations & creativity amongst the students.
  2. Awareness to become an Entrepreneur/self earner.
  3. Use of resource developed by sanstha i.e., laboratories, institute infrastructure etc.
  4. Institutional development towards the area of research & development through the students.
  5. Empowerment of students with technical enhancement for their future financial growth.
  6. Development of Youth nearby area through the encouragements & developing budding entrepreneurs from them.

Salient features of Incubation Centre

  1. Incubation cell is now renowned as 'Kalam Innovations & Rural Technology Incubation Cell (KIRTI'c)'.
  2. Total 3760.49 sq. ft. built up Area available for Business Incubation Centre in Campus, as an Incubation Cell.
  3. Ideas selected for incubation cell are reformed & going to be prepared as per the format required by, under the supervision of eminent Advisory committee members.
  4. Host Institute as a Business Incubator for MSME.
  5. Experienced persons from Industries are the advisory board members for selection.
  6. Faculties from various departments working as mentor for the prerequisite of Technicalities & research in Innovations.
  7. Students are always encouraged to develop innovative products & services.
  8. Well framed infrastructure is available for Incubation.